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Edward Van Halen - Photo by Kevin Baldes - Represented by High Profile Media


Eddie Van Halen is arguably the most influential electric guitar player of all time. Some may say that substantiating such a statement might be considered a very tall order. However, upon examination of his impact, accomplishment and the revolution he created on multiple industries, the burden shifts to suggesting another guitar player that has even ever come close.

Eddie is a quadruple triple threat. His playing is revolutionary. His song writing is exceptional. His tone making ability is legendary. And as his performance skills are fierce.

Today, Van Halen has sold just shy of 100 million albums, performed for millions and millions of fans around the world and graced more guitar magazine covers than any other guitar player in history. As for the gear, the EVH Brand of guitars amps and musical products are the living and breathing embodiment of what so far has been a near 40 year journey in relentless pursuit of the ultimate in guitar tone and sound making, songwriting and performing. If you ask Eddie, he’ll tell you he feels like he’s just getting started.


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